Eva Zeisel

I was first exposed to Eva Zeisel through KleinReid, a Brooklyn-based design studio  known for their sexy, stylish ceramics. In 1999, they brought Zeisel back  to the public eye to collaborate on a line of ceramics.  She has been a “maker of useful things,” her own words, since 1939 when she came to New York to teach at Industrial Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Her sexy and sensuous shapes transcended several mediums, most famously ceramics and fine porcelain dinnerware. About 5 years ago, at the age of 100, Zeisel received a Rug Company catalog in the mail and was so impressed by their graphic, richly-hued rugs that she packed up some of her design boards from the 1950s and shipped them off to The Rug Company on spec. They loved the designs, of course, and proceeded to produce three rugs based on her designs. Zeisel died this month at the age of 105….her bold simplicity and love of design will be missed.

For more details on Eva Zeisel, The Rug Company has written a beautiful biography on their blog.



The Rug Company's Dimpled Spindle


Terra Cotta X room divider


Room Divider designed for Eva Zeisel for Orange Chicken


A collection of ceramics for KleinReid



Glazed earth rabbits...I kind of want a few of these


Bud Vases


Business card cases, one of many products Zeisel designed for Unica Home


Classic Century, a best-selling line for Crate and Barrel, designed by Zeisel in the last decade of her life

Check out the fabulous creations of Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby.

Check out the fabulous creations of Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby.  They are amazingly versatile; their work includes product design, furniture design, building facades and the Olympic torch for London 2012!  They also designed a line of carpets for The Rug Company.

We are designing some really fun kids’ rooms right now and I can not wait to use this owl rug in one of them!  Its a great color and will mix perfectly with contemporary or vintage furniture and almost any wall or furniture color; a youthful and sophisticated option for decorating a child’s bedroom or playroom.  Their Fishes carpet is pretty great too…

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