Friday Favorites…we are obsessed with canopy beds

We have recently become obsessed with Canopy Beds at Marks & Frantz. I have never given them an ounce of thought prior to 2010. They reminded me of the ruffled canopy crib that evolved into a ruffled canopy bed that graced my childhood bedrooms!

As soon as I was old enough to make my own decor choices and because my parents moved often enough, I demanded a new teenage “look”. I went right for a blue & black palette, Conran Shop-inspired formica bed and a little bit of Memphis thrown in. Don’t judge me, it was the eighties in Houston, Texas! There is no way I could have known any better. I couldn’t get far enough away from a canopy bed.

Now that I’m older and wiser, I’ve come around. Kind of fab, right? xo Lisa

Yellow canopy featured in Vogue 2012

Steven Gambrel bedroom

Steven Gambrel bedroom from House Beautiful – my absolute favorite designer


canopy beds designed by Windsor Smith

This canopy bed was designed by Windsor Smith


Painted Floors

House Beautiful had a feature in their latest issue featuring painted floors and the designers and artisans responsible for them. As I delved deeper in the stories and started poking around the internet, I came across a whole range of craftsmen who work in the industry for some of the super–star designers. Their websites show this huge breadth of varied work that was truly mind-blowing, but more on them later once I have a chance to work with them and explore their studios.

This article did inspire Lydia and I to consider painting the floor in a client’s foyer for a project we have in progress in Manhattan. The beige limestone floor came with the apartment purchased by our clients and was the only thing we left untouched in this foyer. It was relatively new and in pristine condition, so it seemed best to work with it, but our wheels are turning and you may see a big surprise when we actually shoot the finished foyer!

This is a

This is a “foyer in progress” by Marks & Frantz in NYC, stay tuned for the after shots!


Miles Redd designed foyer

Miles Redd designed foyer

Jeffrey Bilhuber





Friday favorites…Steven Gambrel Time and Place

Run, don’t walk to the nearest bookstore and buy designer Steven Gambrel’s new book. I have about 3-4 contemporary working designers that I consider pivotal in part of the path my design career has followed and Gambrel is one of these iconic modern day designers. I drew from  his work as inspiration for movie and television sets for years before I started working with private clients and I am absolutely  obsessed with his work. Check out his level of upholstery and window treatment detail, it’s total designer eye candy! J’Adore!

Steven Gambrel Time and Place

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