Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw is best known for his photographs of Jacqueline and John F. Kennedy, which he shot originally for LIFE magazine and later as the Kennedys’ “unofficial” family photographer. He developed a strong friendship with JFK and Jackie and regularly visited the White House during their time there. But Mark Shaw was first and foremost a Fashion and Advertising photographer whose freelance assignments for LIFE magazine had him photographing some of the most notable celebrities of the 1950′s. 

This collection of Mark Shaw’s fashion images, taken at the House of Dior between 1952 and 1962, is the first book showcasing Mark Shaw’s extensive fashion photography for LIFE and other magazines throughout the 1950s. It is available at Liz O’Brien Gallery in NYC and we are snapping them up like crazy for our clients. Not only is the fashion amazing, but the interiors are pretty fabulous as well! We plan to use the first image in a beautiful powder room in Old Greenwich in a home that Marks & Frantz renovated and decorated from head to toe in 2013.

Dior Theatre de France 1960

Dior Theatre de France 1960


Photographed in 1953 at the French country estate, Corbeville, Jane Sprague models a ball gown by Fath.

Photographed in 1953 at the French country estate, Corbeville, Jane Sprague models a ball gown by Fath.

Sophie Malgat wears Dior in Dior's Passy Home, 1953. Sophie Malgat in Gray Chiffon Dior in Dior’s Paris Home

Sophie Malgat wears Dior in Dior’s Passy Home, 1953. Sophie Malgat in Gray Chiffon Dior in Dior’s Paris Home

Ghislaine Lounges in Elsa Schiaparelli's Home

Ghislaine Lounges in Elsa Schiaparelli’s Home


A velvet dinner dress by Chanel photographed in the vine hung Paris courtyard, Cour de Rohan, in 1955

A velvet dinner dress by Chanel photographed in the vine hung Paris courtyard, Cour de Rohan, in 1955






Design*Sponge Interview

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge.  We talked about set decoration, interior design , and of course, wallpaper!

The radio station, Heritage Radio, where we did the interview was really great – in the back of the super popular Brooklyn restaurant Roberta’s Pizza.  Check out Heritage Radio’s great programming here.   I hope you enjoy the interview!!

Friday Favorites: Sitting in Style

There are a few places where sculpture, art and everyday life can meet – and one of the best places to enjoy this mashup is the chair.  The word “chair”, without any descriptions or designer names attached to it, sounds so humble.  Just look at the first line of  Wikipedia’s definition of this simple piece of furniture:  A chair is a raised surface used to sit on, commonly for use by one person.  Yet so much beautiful and interesting design has stemmed from its constant reworking.

Vincent's Chair by Vincent van Gogh

There are chairs to eat in, chairs to work in, chairs to perch on and chairs to relax on.  The chairs to relax on are the ones that have been catching my eye recently.  Great as a grouping for the media room, the family room, or as an accent chair in a formal living room, these chairs combine style, comfort and creativity like no others.

Aqua Creations, a company founded by artist and designer Ayala Serfaty and photographer Albi Serfaty in 1994, is probably most well known for their soft, fluid and organic lighting designs.  Their light fixtures are integral to the design of many hotels, restaurants and casinos.  But they also make an amazing line of furniture that follows their same aesthetic and craftsmanship.  One of my favorite lines is called the Gladis.

Gladis Lounge Chair

Gladis Love Seat

A Gladis to perch on

The design of the chairs was originally based on the fingerprint.  It is made with a hand stitched upholstery technique mimicking forms found in nature.  I am currently designing a casual loft space for clients in a home that is filled with more formal furniture pieces and fabrics.  This space is intended to be a place for the family to relax and play with their young child and her guests.  I thought these chairs would be a great way to bring easy comfort to this room without sacrificing on design one bit!

Another design I love by Aqua Creations is their Juno Chair.  Its 3 dimensional textile design is like a tufted chair but with no filling inside the tufts.  Love this and its earthy colors.

Juno Chair by Aqua Creations

Juno Chair in profile

Another sculptural, classic and comfortable chair is the Togo by Ligne Roset.  Originally designed in 1974 by Michael Ducaroy, it is still in production today – that tells you something about the longevity of good design.  Here are a few examples of the Togo suite.

from Apartment Therapy

Ligne Roset Togo Sofa

Togo for kids! Love this.


Those are a few of my favorite chairs and sofas that are stylish, sculptural and comfortable.  I am sure there are many others out there.  Please send us some ideas – we would love to add them to our library!



Who Made That?

A great, brief history of the butterfly chair — a classic design for more than 50 years.  From the Sunday NY Times magazine.  Written by By HILARY GREENBAUM and DANA RUBINSTEIN.  Read their piece here.  I personally love the chair because its a fun shape, lots of color choices and is so transitional – for both indoors and out.

From The Brick House

Rachel Smith, Photographer

Canadian House and Home, Stacey Brandford

from Apartment Therapy

Friday Favorites…Lipstick Console

As our devoted regular readers have probably figured out by week 3 of “Friday Favorites,” we tend to collect groups or collections of revered things. I’ve been holding onto this image forever and cannot seem to put it in a category. This console, designed by Hudson Furniture in New York City and well-known for their live edge tables, defies classification. Made from slices of solid walnut, gloss nickel, polished bronze, plexiglas, black and grey lacquer, I am in love….all my favorite materials! And why it’s called the Lipstick Console, any guesses?

The Lipstick Console by Hudson Furniture NYC

All things British

Soane Britain is finally opening a New York Showroom, yea! I  got to see a bit of their to-die-for furniture line when they had a pop-up shop on the NYDC’s  1st Dibs floor last summer for a few weeks. I was really hooked once I saw the goods in person. They collaborate with a stable of old world cabinet-makers, blacksmiths, saddlers, upholsterers and silversmiths to create their line of un-mistakeably British furniture and lighting. Every piece is custom and what makes them so special is their attention to detail and use of hand-dyed leathers, vellums, timbers, fossilized marbles and lacquers.


The Maugham Chair


The Card Table


The Petal Wall Light


The Conservatory Chair


The Argo Bar Stool


The Owl Lantern


Belvedere Bench

Trundle Beds

While the words “trundle bed” may not conjure up images of sophisticated glamour, believe it or not there are some really well designed frames out there now, if you know where to look.  Generally considered to be either a practical solution for saving space or an investment in better sleep-overs for your kids, the bulky, unattractive trundle bed of yesterday is no longer the only answer.

At Marks & Frantz, the majority of our clients have children so we have been combing through all our sources to find creative ways to design children’s rooms that are great looking, have tons of storage for all the toys and clothes and are comfortable and inspiring for its young occupants.  It is very important to me that the design of a child’s room is as considered as the design of the rest of the home.

Here are some of the trundles that I love.  I am currently looking for one for my son’s room… There are so many cute ideas here that I may end up taking details from several and designing a custom one for myself!  Does anyone have other sources for these that you would like to share?  We would love to add them to our library!

The Duetto by Flou

The Duetto by Flou is great Italian design.  I love the thin upholstered headboard and footboard.  The shape makes it easy to push it up against the wall like a daybed.  The bottom bed pops up and makes a king size bed.

Presidio Day Bed with Trundle

The Presidio Trundle bed from Serena and Lily is similar in shape to the bed by Flou but slightly looser in its tailoring.  Its clean lines are accented with a contrast stripe at the bottom.  The slipcover comes in white or cream and there are a wide variety of colors to pick from for the stripe detail.

Argington Ayres Bed

This bed is modern, simple and minimal.  It is made with sustainable materials and low VOC birch plywood and finishes.  It is available in 3 finishes – I think it would be cute to do a the bed and trundle in two different colors.  Maybe the bed in the dark walnut finish and the trundle in the white?

Sparrow Bed by Oeuf

Another great design – the Sparrow bed by Oeuf is a modern take on the sleigh bed.  Oeuf is commited to being “green” so all finishes are non-toxic and water based.  There are two colors to choose from.  This is a design that will work as your child grows – you may need to repaint or change the artwork in the room – but the bed will have longevity!

Duet Bed by Nurseryworks


The Duet Bed by Nurseryworks is available in all kinds of configurations which can help when you are trying to do a lot with a small space.  There is a cabinet with a door at the end of the bed for storage.  A nice, contemporary choice for a younger child.

Alex Bed by Duc Duc


The Alex Bed by Duc Duc is entirely customizable.  You can pick either a rectangular or oval headboard and whatever finish color or fabric you like.  It is made of sustainably harvested woods.  The chunky scale of the base helps to keep the trundle drawers in nice proportion to the whole.  It looks so great without linens that you will have a hard time covering it up!



20 Unforgettable American Movie Interiors

Sex and the City 2 was included in Cathy Whitlock’s list of unforgettable movie interiors on Apartment Therapy.  Very exciting for us!  The list is a great conversation starter as well.  Bring it up at your next cocktail party and let the film/design debates begin!! Read the post here.


Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby in The New York Times

A few weeks ago we posted about the really creative design team of Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby.  Yesterday The New York Times HOME section ran a Q&A with them.  Good stuff!!  Click on the photo to read it.

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