Crazy for this closet!

As most of you know, we have designed a few closets-to-die-for! Lydia designed a few for the Sex and the City movies and we recently designed several beautiful dressing rooms and closets for 3 of our clients in 2011. Our most recent gem-like closets have been mostly white, cream, gold with little sparkling mirror accents. When I noticed my friend Mary Alice Stephenson’s Time Out story: Closet Case, I went crazy for her closet! I love the dark-contrast wood, the mod chandelier and the mirrored drawer fronts. Definitely watch the YouTube video, though it made me super jealous! MA, can I move in???

Take a look at some of Lydia’s designs below and check here for a link to our New York Post article about one of our fav closet cases.


Sex and the City 2 closet

And to read more about one of our recently-completed closets, see what Curbed and NBC News have to say!

We have also included a few snapshots of a closet in progress!


Silk Settee by Julia Gray nestled against a beautiful gauzy Austrian shade


Details detail and more details...we have since lined the divider in Fuschia suede, more tk on that one


Needs no caption


and my absolute favorite detail, because it's always better with a bow on it! Love!

Grazia Magazine’s take on our Sex and the City inspired closet.

Dreaming of our fantasy closet, even in the UK!  Grazia Magazine’s take on our Sex and the City inspired closet… view the full article here.

“IT’S THE SATC MOMENT that made a million women sigh with envy. No, not Big and Carrie’s wedding – the walk-in wardrobe Big builds for her! So when we heard that a businessman had paid $175,000 (£100,000) for the Sex And The City set designer to replicate that closet for his wife… well, jealous doesn’t cover it.

The man got in touch with Lydia Marks, who was behind fabulous sets on SATC and The Devil Wears Prada. ‘We measured every item of the client’s wardrobe to ensure everything had a place,’ Lydia told Grazia. ‘We wanted to make this her dream closet.’

The 20ft by 20ft wardrobe is much bigger than Carrie’s – it holds 400 pairs of shoes, with specially-built drawers for accessories, including the lucky lady’s enormous collection of designer sunglasses and jewellery. ‘Some pieces are 20 years old, some are new,’ says Lydia. ‘She’s very like Carrie – a smart, successful career woman – and, stylewise, she mixes trends and eras.’

In the film, Carrie famously allows Big to have half of her closet – only to encroach on it with her stuff. In this case, the mystery couple aren’t taking any chances – the real-life Big will get his own walk-in-wardrobe. ‘It’s going to be about half the size and will look much more masculine,’ says Lydia.

And that’s not all – the Carrie-alike even has plans to extend her closet. Boys, start making notes for Valentine’s Day… Visit”

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