Design*Sponge Interview

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge.  We talked about set decoration, interior design , and of course, wallpaper!

The radio station, Heritage Radio, where we did the interview was really great – in the back of the super popular Brooklyn restaurant Roberta’s Pizza.  Check out Heritage Radio’s great programming here.   I hope you enjoy the interview!!

My Home in Madame Figaro

Madame Figaro (Japan) ran a really fun photo series called “Creators in their Homes” and they asked me to be involved.   I love the shots they took of our home – they are real and reflect how we live.  They did not send any stylists, just one photographer with a camera and two lights.  At first this whole concept made me really nervous, I felt like my apartment should look more like it would if it were going to be in a shelter magazine.  But, after speaking with the editor and writer, I understood that that was not the point.  The intention of the series was to show how people who create live- and what their spaces they create really look like, in every day life.

I love the pictures because: the mirror over my mantel was bought for $40 at a flea market and I had it silver leafed – then hung it over Miranda Priestly’s desk in Devil Wears Prada, my husband’s mess of analog stereo equipment sits next to my sons Fischer Price record player, one of my favorite pieces of art by Boston artist Isabel Riley pops off the white wall with its candy colors, my son’s toys are (barely) tucked away, like usual, and there is also a small picture of his nursery – a brief moment in time (decorating wise) that will never be the same again.

The Selby runs a very similarly themed photo essay on their fantastic and wildly popular website.  Here are a few pictures I loved from  a feature they ran on Angelika Taschen.

from The Selby

Read and see more at


Hugo Guinness

I discovered Hugo Guinness while shopping at John Derian years ago and if you saw my post from Monday, he is also the husband of Elliott Puckette. I have a complete and total obsession with silhouettes and Guinness’ work falls in line with this passion of mine. His bio on Derian’s website tells a sweet little back-story on him, in his words!

Astier De Villatte from France
A Biographical Sketch
By Hugo Guinness

Hugo’s earliest memories are of walking hand in hand with his twin sister Julia and his nanny Miss Lyons. They walked in the magical parks of Kensington, London, most days, looking at the trees, the dogs, the old ladies feeding the pigeons.

Sent to boarding school at the tender age of seven, Hugo spent much of his spare time in the art department making figures from empty toilet rolls and cornflake packets. Later he made a large three-legged horse from plaster of Paris which stood in the garage of his home until it was run over by his mother.

Although he won a painting prize at school, his artistic nature was not encouraged. Eventually he prevailed upon his parents and went to art school in London to study studio pottery. The success of this business brought Hugo to New York in 1995.

In 2002, Hugo showed his early linocuts of underpants and battleships to John Derian. They became friends and John encouraged Hugo to do larger work.

He has had four shows at the legendary store since then and when he is not working for John, Hugo works as an occasional illustrator for the New Yorker.

Hugo lives in Brooklyn with his wife Elliot Puckette, the painter, and they have two daughters, Isabella and Violet, and a canary.

The End.







Rashida Jones Studio


George & Hilly: The Anatomy of a Relationship

Not at all design related, but written by a very old friend of mine, an inspiration nonetheless. Totally hilarious memoir and most will relate in a million ways. Also read the profile by Kat Stoeffel on him in the New York Observer yesterday, if for no other reason but that the title is “Journalistic Party Boy Puts Aside Childish Things, Pens Memoir.”  And just for a taste of “classic George Gurley” that may make you buy the book, read his story “Requiem for a Year” in Modern Luxury….it’s free!

George & Hilly book on Amazon

It’s like a dream come true, my country house transported to Brooklyn

It’s like a dream come true, my country house transported to Brooklyn….so it’s really feasible! Check out Carrie Lieber’s post about Country Living’s Green House in Manhattan:

Eco friendly and super cute, here’s the Country Living House of the Year.  Adorable right?  And how’s that for a pop-up event?  It’ll be available to the public through June 17 down in the World Financial Center in NYC.   The LEED certified, modular home is about 1600 square feet and can be purchased at a starting price of $395,000.  This home’s next stop will be Vernon, New Jersey where it will serve as a design center for Country Living.   Read more about it on Country Living

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