Elliott Puckette

This week I am going to devote each  blog post to a favorite artist. Lydia and I often act as collection curators for many of our clients and May seems to be shaping up as a big art buying month for many! Choosing art for our clients is one of the most exciting parts of my job and Elliott Puckette, among many others, provides a big source of inspiration for me.

Elliott Puckette creates her abstract paintings using gesso and washes of colored inks. She then scores elaborate flowing lines using a razor blade. These purposeful swathes cut through the calming color washes giving the otherwise serene work a sense of lyrical purpose and movement. I could look at her work for hours

This Brooklyn-based artist is half of an art world power couple, her husband is the British artist and brewery heir Hugo Guinness…more on his work later this week.

Elliott Puckette as profiled in Vogue




Puckette, shot by Veranda Magazine on her Brooklyn brownstone stoop




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