City Modern: A Celebration of New York Design

We are really excited to be a part of the “CITY MODERN” STUDIO TOUR / OCTOBER 2 with Hellman Chang.  We will be at their open studio with them tomorrow from 2:30 to 4:30 to talk decorating trends and obsessions and how to make your own home look glamorous and new again.

In collaboration with Dwell and New York Magazine, Hellman-Chang is opening the doors to their Brooklyn studio and offering unprecedented access to visitors.  Take a peek at the designers in their natural habitat, learn more about the creative process and even try your hand at woodworking.

Come enjoy some nibbles and wine and check out the gorgeous Hellman Chang collection.  We look forward to seeing you!


Design*Sponge Interview

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge.  We talked about set decoration, interior design , and of course, wallpaper!

The radio station, Heritage Radio, where we did the interview was really great – in the back of the super popular Brooklyn restaurant Roberta’s Pizza.  Check out Heritage Radio’s great programming here.   I hope you enjoy the interview!!


Art & Science

There is a bridge between science and art and it is Ernst Haeckel.  Haeckel sketched and painted watercolors of various organisms such as sea anemones, jellyfish, and cnidaria.  If you are like me and know your favorite periods of furniture better than your marine life, here is the definition of cnidaria!  And here are some of his amazing works.

He selected the subjects for his work based on organization, from the scale patterns of boxfishes to the spirals of ammonites to the perfect symmetries of jellies and microorganisms.  I particularly like this one – the tentacles reminded him of his late wife’s long flowing hair!

And a few more.  Enjoy.

Array Magazine

Array Magazine Features Marks & Frantz

We are very excited to have been interviewed for Array Magazine’s Summer issue!  The article features our work at The Top of the Strand, several private residences, and a show house.  The interview highlights our background in print and film design and discusses how we approach our projects.  The story starts on page 16!

Array Magazine


Amy Helfand rugs

We were wowed (as usual) by our friend Amy Helfand’s beautiful hand-knotted, hand-carded, hand-spun and pot-dyed rugs at her ICFF booth and yesterday, the NY Times wrote a feature on Amy and “Her Natural World.” Check out the article here!





Toward Chi Wong




and for more information on Amy’s rugs and her beautiful artwork, take a look at her website,


Summer of 2012 and Marks & Frantz is enjoying good company

Past issues of Array Magazine have featured some pretty fabulous figures in the world of interior design: New York’s current reigning queen of color; Ghislaine Vinas;  Mad Men’s Bryan Batt;  design world luminary, the architect David Rockwell and founding editor of Domino Magazine; Deborah Needleman…just to name a few. And guess who’s going to grace the pages of Summer 2012? Stay tuned!

David Rockwell


Deborah Needleman


Ghislaine Vinas


Mad Men's Bryan Batt


ICFF “Best in Show”

This year was a good one for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, but my hands-down favorite booth was Lindsey Adelman. I have been obsessed with her lighting from day one, but this year, Lindsey’s work has evolved into something completely different. Many of you may have seen her story in the NYTimes Design issue, they described her new collection as “a revelation of her dark side.” I call it complicated, intricate, jewel-like and sculptural. Her hardware is exquisite and her finishes have graduated to include powder-coated candy colors! Her collection has grown to include jewelry, hardware, curiosity vessels and enviable objets d’ art! We have used her older, hand-blown glass fixtures in both Sex and the City and in a penthouse loft in Soho, stay tuned for many more Lindsey Adelman appearances in future projects, I’m completely obsessed!

Boom Boom Burst


Marina Ceiling Medallion




Woodchuck Pendants



Stalactite Candelabra





Curiosity Vessels






NYDC Pick of the Month

We love the Gladis Chair from Aqua Creations and made it our “pick of the month” for the New York Design Center.  See it here.

Lydia Figaro

My Home in Madame Figaro

Madame Figaro (Japan) ran a really fun photo series called “Creators in their Homes” and they asked me to be involved.   I love the shots they took of our home – they are real and reflect how we live.  They did not send any stylists, just one photographer with a camera and two lights.  At first this whole concept made me really nervous, I felt like my apartment should look more like it would if it were going to be in a shelter magazine.  But, after speaking with the editor and writer, I understood that that was not the point.  The intention of the series was to show how people who create live- and what their spaces they create really look like, in every day life.

I love the pictures because: the mirror over my mantel was bought for $40 at a flea market and I had it silver leafed – then hung it over Miranda Priestly’s desk in Devil Wears Prada, my husband’s mess of analog stereo equipment sits next to my sons Fischer Price record player, one of my favorite pieces of art by Boston artist Isabel Riley pops off the white wall with its candy colors, my son’s toys are (barely) tucked away, like usual, and there is also a small picture of his nursery – a brief moment in time (decorating wise) that will never be the same again.

The Selby runs a very similarly themed photo essay on their fantastic and wildly popular website.  Here are a few pictures I loved from  a feature they ran on Angelika Taschen.

from The Selby

Read and see more at



Florine Stettheimer

Florine Stettheimer (1871-1944) is often described as the “Deco-influenced early Modernist who’s never really gotten her due.”  This upper-class, American born artist considered painting an entirely private pursuit and only had one show in her lifetime at  Knoedler & Company in Manhattan in 1916; not one of the six exhibited paintings sold. Her will specified that her paintings be destroyed upon her death and fortunately her sister, the executor ignored this wish. I discovered Stettheimer by accident on a random visit to the Whitney in 1995. I was taken by her paintings as well as the way in which many were framed. I searched for a book on Stettheimer’s work, getting blank stares at many bookstores before finding Florine Stettheimer/manhattan fantastica at The Strand. The title of the book sums up Stettheimer’s frequent theme: Manhattan society in the Jazz Age. Enjoy!


Stettheimer's portrait of Marcel Duchamp, a friend and oft painted subject. Note the frame composed of Duchamp's initials!


Beauty Contest to the memory of PT Barnum, 1924


Heat is in the permanent collection of The Brooklyn Museum





Love Flight of a Pink Candy Heart


Portrait of our Nurse




Stettheimer's Portrait of Myself


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